About Us

Who We Are?

We are one of the leading computer importer brand in South Asian country. we running our business in India,Bangladesh,Nepal,Bhutan,Pakistan.

Why we created this website?

We create this website with a clear Vision  (NO middle man)  when you are buying a computer so that you can as much as low price can possible.

A few words about

Our team

We have a great people of team.hare is our leading team members

Head of supply chain

AB Mukit Parvez

Head of supply Chain

Naim Ahmed

Founder - CEO

Assafiul Islam

Head of Marketing

Rakib Uddin

Lead Developer

Sadd Tanzill

Marketing Head

Ahmed Emam

Head of Product Shipping

Computer importer

Worldwide shipping

we can ship your product no matter where ever from you are in this world

Computer importer


As always quality will be guaranteed in our website

Computer importer

Best Offers

You slould always compare before buy from any Website

Computer importer

Secure Payments

What can be Safier than Cash on delivery

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