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If you want to get an SSD for your Laptop or Desktop PC then there are various brand choices available. Most noteworthy SSD brands are Western Digital, Intel, HP, PNY, Transcend, TEAM, Lexar, SanDisk, Patriot, Seagate, TwinMOS, Corsair, Samsung, Kingston, Apacer, ADATA, Gigabyte, AITC KINGSMAN, Netac, TRM, Dahua, Patriot, Add link, Dahua, COLORFUL, Teutons, Silicon Power, Walton, Galax, SK Hynix and many more.
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The second type SSDs are specifically for laptops. They utilize a connectivity option called NVMe M 2.0. It is essentially a PCIe 3rd generation and it uses the NVMe M.20 form factor. This form factor utilizes the PCI express slot in the motherboard for connectivity. PCI express slot is normally used by The graphics card. Because of this; these NVMe cards have a writing and reading speed of about 3500 MB/s. Although NVMe SSDs have a little lower reading rate than the writing speed. But it is still way more than an HDD. The latest type is called NVMe 2.0.
Technology explained
These Drives uses PCIe generation 4 to connect to the PC. This 4th Gen PCIe has a higher rate of Throughput than the 3rd Gen PCIe. these drives have a writing speed of around 4400 MB/s when the maximum reading speed is around 5000 MB/s. although Only PCIe’s 4th generation enabled hardware supports this SSD. There is another type of SSD available today. These SSDs are called AIC or Add-In-Card. The first AIC Cards were made by Intel. AIC SSD card has a Good cooling efficiency because of the larger form factor and aluminum Heat spreaders. They utilize the PCIe Slot. Many experts are calling these SSDs the next generation of modern gaming SSDs.
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